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Rania Dalloul, besides being a loving and caring mother, finds time to invest in sports. She trains every day very seriously, working her way up to be a triathlon athlete, being among the top achievers.

One of Rania Dalloul’s favourite sports is the TRX amongst her daily exercise routines that include Running, swimming, biking, circuit training, and boot camps.

Several people at all fitness levels have embraced the TRX trainer from the military, to athletes, to everyday people just like Rania Dalloul who believes that harnessing the body’s energy is essential for effectiveness and high performance in the corporate world.

The TRX suspension trainer is natural as it utilizes gravity and the body weight, offering individuals an intense total body workout in a short period of time.


The TRX Suspension Trainer Delivers:-

  1. A total body workout
  2. Strengthens the muscles and increases its endurance capacity
  3. Making use of the body weight makes it the most effective and distinct equipment for individuals as it provides one with the appropriate weight to workout using the body mass.


Randy Hetrick, a former Navy seal developed the TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) owing to the fact that it can be setup anywhere, and it delivers a perfect and intense total body workout for him and his team in a minimum amount of space and limited time. The 4 categories of U.S military has also adopted it as a workout routine.


The TRX has proven itself to be an essential tool in the fitness world. It affords the Elite Athletes, Military, and Conventional people a world class workout because:-

  1. It develops core body strength
  2. It’s easy to use
  3. It builds flexibility and balance


The Advantage of The TRX suspension Trainer

It avails you with Hundreds of exercises like:-

  • TRX Hamstring Bicycle
  • TRX Pike
  • TRX Lower back stretch
  • TRX Atomic oblique push-up
  • TRX single arm power pull
  • TRX W-shoulder fly
  • TRX Bicep curl
  • TRX Squat. Etc.

The TRX has proven to be more effective than most high cost training equipment as it delivers a total body workout in the shortest timeframe and can be setup anywhere indoor, or outdoor. It only requires being attached to an overhead anchor point that’d support your body weight, then you start training.

If you’re passionate about keeping fit, but then you’re running a tight schedule, and have a limited space, but still desires to achieve a total body workout, the TRX suspension trainer is a perfect kit, get yourself one and embrace one of Mrs. Rania Dalloul’s daily exercise routine.