Rania Dalloul

Hobbies and interests

In the past twenty years, Rania Dalloul has devoted herself to raising a beautiful family.
Not only is she a loving and caring mother, but she amazingly finds time to invest in sports.

She is much disciplined and trains every day very seriously, working her way up to be a triathlon athlete where she pushed herself among the top achievers.
Running, swimming, biking, circuit training, boot camps, TRX are among her favorite and most practiced daily sport activities.
To channel better her energy, Rania practices Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga.
It allows her to center her inner being and balance her energy.
She has participated in Sadhguru programs for "inner engineering". The direct route after yoga is meditation. Rania Dalloul went to India many times, and attended many seminars led by Sadhuguru, a pro eminent figure in this field in India. Meditation is now part of her daily life as well; it helps her monitor her energy, and control her emotions. It helped her staying strongly motivated in sport. Yoga and meditation had extensively increased her level of determination and focusing. She is convinced that one cannot train physically without training his mind.
Last but not least, Rania has another area of great interest which is cooking.
She became much experimented in the Mediterranean cuisine. Being an achiever, she wished to share her pleasure with the largest number of her friends, family and acquaintances by publishing a book of her favorite recipes and most enjoyed healthy meals.